Everyone tells me that they think it would be a blast to live with Emily.  She is always laughing, smiling and bringing a little bit of sunshine to wherever she is and whatever she is doing.  Well, I’m here to tell you that life with Emily is great fun and you don’t know even half of it!  That is the reason that I have decided to share her exploits with you on a regular basis…with her permission of course!

Emily and I have been married for a few years (about 12 now, but who’s counting) and she is always doing nice things to make all of us feel loved.  She loves us so much that she will cook dinner although she detests cooking.  One of my favorite quotes from Emily when speaking of cooking is “I don’t understand why everyone can’t just eat cereal, soup and salad.”   When we were first married, she used to make chicken and dumplings for family supper.  She always used skinless chicken breasts and canned biscuits.  She is a vegetarian, so it isn’t easy for her to cook a meal with meat and this is a good way to make something everyone likes! 

She made the dish for the kids and I a few times and, being the genius that I am, I had the grand idea that I should tell her how my mom made chicken and dumplings when I was young.  Mom always cooked a whole chicken in a pressure cooker or large pot and used the broth for the dumplings.  She made biscuit dough from scratch and used it to make big drop dumplings.  Anyone who knows my mom knows that she is an excellent cook and she will make things the hardest way possible most of the time!  Not to be outdone, Emily decided to make homemade chicken and dumplings the next time everyone wanted them for dinner.

A couple of weeks passed and it was time for chicken and dumplings again.  I remember walking in the door from work that evening and the house smelled like it did when Mom was making dinner when I was a child.  I thought to myself, maybe Emily is just being too hard on herself about cooking because it smells like she is doing really well with this!  I went into the kitchen and there was Emily in her grandmother’s apron (your outfit and style are very important when doing anything) and she was covered with flour from the made-from-scratch dumplings.  She was just getting ready to drop the dumplings into the broth and I stirred the chicken for her.  “What the heck?  Is that blood in the broth?” I asked her.  I poked the bird with a fork and it was hard…uh oh.  I asked Emily how long the chicken had been cooking and if she thawed it prior to placing it in the pot.  She looked at me quizzically and said that the chicken was frozen and it had been cooking for at least about 15 minutes.  She said that was all it took to cook the frozen chicken breasts.  We had a good laugh about it and still remember our near brush with salmonella and dumplings!